In our list of games like Harvest Moon you’ll find many of the best management simulation games. You’ll find games like Harvest Moon online and for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, GBA and other systems. You can select games based on themes and genres, or see our pick of the best games like Harvest Moon below.

Games Like Harvest Moon ( games with similar themes and genres ) 


LIFE: Harvest Crossing aims to present a view of life. In the game you play through a characters life, completing realistic tasks and enacting your character’s day to day actions. There are many games with similar gameplay style. For games with similar gameplay, see our list of the best Life Games.


Management: In Harvest Moon you will be completing different goals based around the theme of running a farm. The gameplay has changed with each iteration of the series but the basics of Harvest Moon’s game design center around growing crops and managing a farm. You’ll also be resource gathering, fishing, finding various objects and items and more. The core gameplay mechanics is based around managing the farm and completing the assigned tasks. There are many games with similar gameplay. See our list of the best management games. 


Still not found the perfect game? Okay. Here’s our choices for the very best games like Harvest Moon. . .

Games like Harvest Moon



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