Games like Grand Theft Auto are some of the best games in the world (and some of the highest selling games in the world, too). Here’s our look at the very best games like GTA [Grand Theft Auto]


If you’re a fan of games like Mafia 2 you’re gonna love THESE GAMES. 


Games like GTA  1: Saints Row

Saints Row is pretty much a solid rip-off of Grand Theft Auto. Actually, it’s not a complete rip-off, Saints Row keeps the basic concepts of GTA the same but adds enough differences to make it play like it is its own game.

Probably the best description for Saints Row is that it’s open world mayhem. In many ways Saints Row is wilder and arguably more realistic than GTA. It’s packed full of explosions, chases, fights and women.

Games like GTA Grand Theft Auto #2: Red Dead Redemption

The wild west equivelant of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption is regarded as one of the most original and best of recent games. Take out GTA’s cars and put horses in instead and your close to RDR.

Red Dead Redemption is probably my personal pick from the games like GTA on this list. It has stunning graphics, a great story and is genuinely unique. You take your character (John Marston) from a no one to the top. Even better, if you pick up the Game of the Year edition you get a Western style zombie mode too. Awesome.

   Games like GTA Grand Theft Auto #3: Mafia 2

Odds are if you love GTA you’re probably pretty keen on the idea of playing as a Mafioso. Mafia 2 is set in the mid 30th Century, a world run by organised crime. Its free roaming world also incorporates an excellent storyline in which you play Vito Scaletta, a dude who has just returned from war. You start off as a no one and work to the top.

A very cool feature of Mafia 2 is the way it uses time.  You truly get a sense of the story developing over the years, helping to create a gripping realism that will have you hooked.

Games like GTA Grand Theft Auto #4: Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs didn’t become quite the juggernaut title that some other entrants on this list became. That must be down to bad marketing as the game itself is excellent. It’s set in Hong Kong and is based around True Crime (the series). The difference between GTA and Sleeping Dogs is that Sleeping Dogs has you playing as a cop truing to take down an organised crime group. It’s free roam and contains tons of side missions.

 Games like GTA Grand Theft Auto #5 : Prototype 2

Prototype 2 isn’t exactly the same as Grand Theft Auto. But it is open world and free-roaming.  In the game, a viral outbreak has left people infected. You played one of the infected, a guy with superpowers who is fighting against a corrupt military force. Your character, James Heller, is seeking revenge again the protagonist of the original Prototype, Alex Mercer.

There’s a shed load of carnage going on in Prototype 2, but reviews of the game critiqued it for being shallow.


  Games like GTA Grand Theft Auto #6: The Godfather

You’ve obviously worked out that this is based on the Coppola movie The Godfather. It’s not just a crappy movie-ti-in though. It’s a solid FPS mixed with business simulation. It provides a unique take on organised crime (much like the film did).

You start at the bottom of the family and work your way up, meeting many characters you’ll remember from the films.   Rival families will try to infringe on your turf and you can go offensive ad take them out.

This game is currently one of the cheapest on this list too.

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