Fiction Earth is the work of one crazy child-at heart 35 year old, Paul Harrison, who for his entire life has lived in his imagination.

You see, Paul Harrison is a storyteller, a writer and actor, and when he is not acting or writing you will usually find him commentating on video game tournaments, reading a novel, watching a movie, or bringing random things to life, like stuffed animals—no really, he actually stakes stuffed animals, gives them backstories, turns them into characters and gives them a narrative; it’s this whole thing…

I digress…

Fiction Earth is a home for every big-kid who spends too much time in their imagination and who loves storytelling, mythology, art, movies, games, and books. It’s like art spliced with nerd spliced with mythology.

Across the pages of this website you will find in-depth guides to the mythology of novels, games and books. You’ll find thought-provoking articles on storytelling, acting,  an writing. So, if you yourself are a writer, actor, or someone who tells stories in other ways, you will find amazing guides on how to do your art better.

And if you are not an artist but simply loves mythology, entertainment, and storytelling, then you will find the absolute most intriguing and inspiring articles on mythology, game design, storytelling, and other arts and entertainments.

We show you the magic behind entertainment, and we open your eyes to the rich world of mythology and storytelling.

But Fiction Earth isn’t just entertainment. It’s an authoritative source for anyone who wants to get into storytelling. Whether you are interested in writing a novel, making a movie, developing a game, acting a role, or telling a story in any other way, you will find the best guides to doing precisely those things. Our guides are written from personal experience.

Paul Harrison, the Editor in Chief of Fiction Earth, has spent more than twenty years telling stories in various forms, as an actor, a novelist, a journalist, and basically a big nerd with a crazy imagination who never stops learning about media, art, and entertainment. And he pours love and passion into this site.

So, if that sounds good to you, take a look at the site, join us on social media, and get involved. And if you are interested in writing for us, get in touch.