Spyro the Dragon is one of the few games on this list that makes dragons look cute. 

Spyro the Dragon: Making dragons super cute

Insomniac Games’ Spyro the Dragon is a Playstation platformer now available on PSN. In it you play as Spyro, a purple dragon (and one of the most popular dragons ever) who is teamed with his friend Sparx.

At the beginning of the game we discover that the five dragon families, who used to live peacefully and in harmony with each other, come under attack from Gnasty Gnorc. Gnasty Gnorc attacks the dragon realms with spells and traps all the dragons except for Spyro. So, Spyro to the rescue!

With this backstory and your mission to save the dragons you play through different realms in which you have to collect a certain amount of different items.  The realms, as you would expect, become gradually more difficult, going from extremely easy to fairly hard.

Spyro the Dragon has the ability to breathe fire and to glide between platformers using his wings. In some levels you also get to fly (which you’ll have to do while avoiding obstacles like planes).

Being super cute and highly playable, Spyro is a good game for kids (as well as older gamers who love retro platform games).

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