9: Hildegard Von Krone from Soul Calibur | Female Protagonists

 Hildegard Von Krone from Soul Calibur is one of those all too rare characters that show that female protagonists don’t need to be highly sexualised in order to work.   

Hildegard Von Krone: the 9th best female protagonist

Soul Calibur has been blames of been sexist (little surprise given the inflated breasts of Eve on the Soul Calibur 5 cover). One female character Soul Calibur gets right, however, is Hildegard Von Krone, a strong, noble and brave character whose life cause is to uphold her family name.

Unlike most female characters, Hildegard Von Krone wears a sensible outfit (and alternative outfit) that looks elegant and noble.  Though her story is (in my opinion) not the most original or inspiring, she is a strong role model for young female gamers.


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