Goldeneye for Nintendo 64 comes in a respectable 9th in our list of the best games with guns. Goldeneye was one of the most innovative and important FPS games of all time. Its best weapon? The RC-P90, a rapid fire gun that sounded amazing and seemed to never run out of bullets.

9: Goldeneye and the RC-P90

Goldeneye was one of those games that was so good you almost couldn’t believe it. Given that Goldeneye was released at a time when the average N64 game was something like Buck Bumble or Wetrix (remember those. .  .?) it’s fair to say Goldeneye was ahead of its time.

Graphically, Goldeneye was simply stunning. It’s hard to imagine it these days, but the first time you played Goldeneye you almost couldn’t believe a console game could look so good. And then there was the gameplay: the single player was amazing, and the multiplayer was, frankly, one of the best gaming experiences of all time.

Best Gun: The RC-P90 is Goldeneye’s best weapon, though it comes under heaver competition from the Grenade Launcher, Golden Gun and Rocket Launcher. The RC-P90 felt like a powerhouse in your hands and made for some almost too-easy kills.


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