The Metal Gear Solid series has never shown too much originality with its guns, but the sheer quality of the series in itself makes it impossible not to include in this list. The best weapons in Metal Gear Solid? Probably the mark 2 pistol, though it’s highly debatable.

 8: Metal Gear Solid and the Mark 2 Pistol

It’s not easy becoming one of the most respected games in the world, but over the many years of its existence, Metal Gear Solid has achieved precisely that. With the rumoured Metal Gear Solid 5 on the way now too, there can be little doubt that MGS is one of the best series ever.

A combination of factors going into making MGS so good. It has deep stories with realistic (ish) characters. It pioneered the espionage genre. It’s consistently innovated and pushed gaming to keep itself at the top. And its gameplay is second to none. Plus, the fact that SOlid Snake is possibly gaming’s coolest character ever doesn’t hurt either.

Best Gun: Metal Gear Solid isn’t really about guns (even if guns are a core part of the gameplay). It’s more about stealth and strategy. The Mark 2 is your most trusty weapon and will allow you to take down enemies when you need to without raising the alarm.



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