Dead Space comes 8th in our list of the best stories in video games thanks to an excellent narrative full of subtext.  (picture is of Deadspace 3 Awakened’s Ending)

Dead Space is one of all too few games that actually understands how to tell amazing narrative without breaking up the flow of the action.

Dead Space has excellent narrative with highly intelligent use of subtext. In the original Dead Space game, when you start playing you don’t know that you are an engineer, nor do you know that you just so happen to be on course to a ship full of alien life. All you see in the beginning are images of your girl and videos, which create a believable character that we actually care about.

Dead Space’s story, overall, is about humanity. Dead Space asks us the question: what is it to be human? As Isaac gradually loses his sanity and as monsters tear through human life one after the other, we see the fragility of humanity.

Very few games create as deep a sense of horror as Dead Space does.

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