Capcom’s Breath of Fire SNES. PS1, PS2 and mobile devices is our 8th favourite dragon game. 

Breath of Fire remains a favourite dragons game despite being originally released in 1993.

Capcom’s Breath of Fire is a role playing game that began life on the Super Nintendo way back yonder in 1993. Since then its seen sequels as rereleases on numerous devices, all of which are notable for their inclusion or recurring characters and slightly iffy continuity.

Breath of Fire stars Ryu and Nina. Ryu is an adventurer who has the ability to morph into various types of dragons, similar to Legend of Dragoon. Nina is a girl with wings. The two become friend quite early on and they journey together through a medieval-style fantasy world.

Breath of Fire is similar to many of the early 90s Japanese RPGs in both gameplay and artwork. Though the Japanese version of the game featured very different graphics, it remained largely the same game when translated for the West.

Five different Breath of Fire games have been released over the years on various consoles, mobile devices and PC.

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