One area where you will find plenty of games with low system requirements is in independently developed games. Because independent game developers have less resources available to them, they generally don’t create games requiring top-end specs.

Here on we have a huge section on independent games in which you will find plenty of games with low system requirements. You can fin our indie games section HERE.

Some of the independent games I personally recommend:

Star Wars Pinball: Quite simple to understand the concept of this game; it’s Star Wars with Pinball. Find out more about it HERE.

GoatUp 2: This is a crazy psychedelic platform puzzler in which you play as a goat who must exit various levels by jumping on platforms and solving puzzles. Find it HERE. 

Cognition: A point and click game with a decent story set around murder mysteries. Find it HERE.

Forever Lost: Highly unique and abstract indie game in which you must escape a building. Find Forever Lost Here.



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