Dawn of the Dragons is the first MMO on our list of the best dragon games and the only games that’s free to play


Dawn of the Dragons, the best Dragon-Related MMO

I normally not a massive fan of free-to-play games simply because their marketing model leads people to begin playing, wherein they end up spending tons on superfluous content. It’s an aggressive marketing strategy I’m not a big fan of. But with Dawn of the Dragons I’m willing to make an exception.

Dawn of the Dragons is probably the best dragon-related free-to-pay MMO in the world. The creation of independent game developer 5th Planet Games,   Dawn of the Dragons is available on Facebook, Kongregate, Newsgrounds and Armor Games.

So, if you fancy playing a free and high quality dragon game, head over to one of those sites. But be warned, you’ll probably end up spending a ton.

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