Bioshock finds its way to number 7 in our list of the best stories in games (picture is of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite)

Bioshock is another great game full of excellent subtext which is used to tell a story of humanity, full of philosophy.

Not only does Bioshock take a believable idea as its main set-up, it also tells a unique story, full of morality, philosophy and deep questions that truly make the player think. Of course, at the heart of the entire story of Bioshock is the philosophy of Andrew Ryan’s objectivism.

The philosophy of Objectivism preaches that a man makes his own life, that all forms of charity are ultimately immoral, and that an individual is owed absolutely nothing. It is with this philosophical outlook that Andrew Ryan builds the city of Rapture. Perhaps, then, it’s little surprise that rapture ends up in ruin.

Andrew Ryan’s philosophy is only one of the many philosophical views offered by Bioshock in what is one of gaming’s deepest and best stories to date.

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