Silent Hill 2 comes in a respectable 6th place in our list of the best stories in video games.


While there can be little doubt that Silent Hill 2’s protagonist Justin Sunderland is far from the best of lead characters, with dodgy dialogue and bad voice acting, Silent Hill 2 still manages to create some of gaming’s finest narrative.

The key element making Silent Hill 2’s story so phenomenal is the character arc. As you play through Silent Hill 2 you gradually get to discover more and more about player-character Justin Sunderland, a most mysterious and complicated character.

A decent character arc is imperative to good storytelling in game because it enables the game to develop, like a living, breathing story, as you gamer progresses through the game. We also get to witness how a character, as a person, changes over time. Silent Hill 2 is a classically told story, and works very well because of it.

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