Because all retro games were released at a time when PCs had worse specs than they do now, you’ll easily be able to play most retro PC games on your machine, regardless of your system’s specs.

Some of the best retro PC games include:

Secret of Monkey Island: Classic point n click adventure game with lots of humor and a great story.


Doom: Innovative FPS title that changed the entire gaming landscape. Blast badly pixelated space monsters with big guns.


Civilization: Classic strategy game in which you must build up your own civilization. One of the most important games of all time.


Diablo: another real time strategy game and another of gaming’s most important and most influential titles. Kick monster ass and experience one of the best games ever.


Half Life: Classic FPS that all but reinvented the wheel. Excellent story, mesmerizing gameplay, and no need for high-end system specs.



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