Coming in at number six is Dragon Age Origins, one of the most loved of all dragon games, but it’s not quite made our top 5. 

Dragon Age Origins is one of the most loved dragon games in the world

A third-person RPG, Dragon Age Origins is the creation of games develop BioWare Edmonton and is the first game in the Dragon Age series. The game was released in 2009 on PX, PS3 and XBOX 360.

Dragon Age Origins is set in Ferelden, a fictional kingdom which is suffering from civil strife. You pick up the role or either a rogue, mage or warrior of a human, dwarven or elven background. It’s your mission to defeat an army of demonic forces.

Dragon Age Origins literally set game reviews alight, receiving hefty praise. Critics loved pretty much every part of the game, even awarding it with awards for “Best PC Game” and “Best MMO.”

Dragon Age Origins-Awakening was later released as an expansion back in 2010, and Dragon Age II in March 2011. Bioware is now working on the next installment of the game.

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