Mario 64 was one of the best games ever, and Jolly Roger Bay one of the best water levels in any game.

It would be impossible to make a list of the best water levels in games without including Jolly Roger Bay from Mario 64. The Mario franchise has seen many great water levels but none better than this.

While Jolly Roger Bay isn’t the most amazing level visually, it makes up for it with a highly memorably piece of music and some extremely innovative (for the time) level design.  The way the music changes as you dive deeper into the level create a realistic sense of depth that truly makes you feel like you’re underwater.

There are tons of things to do in Jolly Roger Bay. You get to explore the sunken pirate ship, to meet the giant and terrifying eel, to find and explore a big cave, and tons more.

If you played Mario 64 when it first came out, I’d wager you can remember pretty much every detail of this amazing level. Nearly two decades have passed since the game’s release, but we all still remember playing Jolly Roger Bay.

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