Monster Hunter comes in at number 3. . .  and as this list shows, Capcom pretty much own dragon games. . . 


Capcom’s Monster Hunter weighs in at number 3

I had no idea quite how dominant Capcom were in the realm of dragon games until I made this list. . . Dragons Origins, Dragons Dogma, Monster Hunter. .  . some other video game developers really need to put the effort into making quality dragon games. . .

Anyway, Monster Hunter is a fantasy action adventure game that began life on the Playsation 2. In it, you play a hunter in a fantasy world who goes seeking out monsters to hunt and capture (basically making it the much more mature version of Pokemon). The series now has PSP games and a MMO.

Monster Hunter is a massively popular franchise, most particularly in Japan though around the world too.  This popularity has led Capcom to develop several sequels including Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Monster Hunter Portable 2ng and 3d and Monster Hunter Frontier Online. There’s even an anime. So, if you become a fan of Monster Hunter, you know you’re going to be well fed.


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