3 Faith Connors fro Mirror’s Edge | Best Female Games Protagonists

Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge is one of the toughest females in gaming and number 3 in our list of the best female games protagonists.   

3: Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge’s female protagonist Faith Connors grew up on the streets after losing her mother and leaving her home age 16. To survive, Faith Connor spent time as a thief, but stopped after being caught by ex-Runner Mercury, who decided to become her guardian.

Mercury trained Faith Connors to be a Runner and to become a part of a group of illegal couriers.

Faith is a strong willed female protagonist, continuing to be a Runner despite the threat of city authorities.

Faith Connors is one of gaming’s most athletic characters, running through and traversing the city with ease.  She believes in freedom for all and fights to achieve it.


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