Earthworm Jim was one of the most original SNES games and one of the best underwater levels ever

Earthworm Jim is genius just in its design. At a time when animal character were all the rage, with Banjo the bear, Kazooie the bird, Aero the Acrobat, Sonic the Hedgehog and so on, Shiny Entertainment parodied every platformer by making a game about an Earthworm.

Earthworm Jim was one hell of a character, the cross between a worm and an intelligent and powerful suit of armour, he was definitely. . . different. Down the Tubes was one of the best levels from the game. In it you begin exploring a bunch of underwater tubes, then gain access to a tiny submarine-type vehicle so you can enter the sea.

There are tons of great monsters under the sea, too, some of which can be killed with guns, others that you need to hide from. Though this level isn’t quite as good as the bungie jumping level, it’s still one of the best underwater levels in games.

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