Facade is one of the most original games of all time, and naturally earned a place in our list of the most interesting games ever.

Naturally, it is not easy to write a list of games like Facade simply because they are so few and far between.

But I’ve gone ahead and saved you the hassle. I’ve created a long list of games like Facade, including games on your browser, on iOS and Android, PS3, PS4, XBox One, Windows, Mac… the lot.

When it came to choosing which games to include in the list I went by several criteria.

For starters, I looked for interactive fiction games.

Facade is essentially an interactive fiction game. And I’ve written the essential guide to the best interactive fiction games ever. So take a look there before continuing.

In some ways, calling Facade interactive fiction sells it short, because Facade did a heck of a lot in terms of redefining video game design (like natural language processing, for instance). However, in terms of gameplay, it does fall within the Interactive Fiction genre. And there are lots of games with similar themes also in the interactive fiction genre. They range from the very simple type of fiction game, like Episode Choose Your Story  to more complex fiction games like Cypher Text Adventure.

Also, because you like Facade, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you like drama-style games that use dialogue in inventive ways. And you probably like games about people, right? In that case you really do have to check out the sublime Her Story. It’s a game in which you’re solving a police mystery. You watch film evidence that surrounds the crime and have to piece it together to decide whether the character in the game is guilty or innocent. Her Story is not precisely the same as Facade, it’s different in a lot of ways actually, but it’s got a similar feel and if you like Facade I’m pretty confident you’ll have a lot of respect for Her Story, so give it a shot.

Getting back onto the subject of interactive fiction games like Facade. They tend to fall into two different categories. There are more comic-style games like My Candy Love. And there are serious games like Gone Home, which tells a fantastic story with brilliant dialogue and is one game that you absolutely must check out if you like Facade.

So, that’s an overview of Facade-type games. But which game are you going to play next? Let’s take a look at some specific games like Facade.


The Best Games Like Facade

In this list of game like Facade you’ll find the best interactive story games. There are games like Facade online for free with no download. There are apps for Android and iOS phones. And of course there are your typical Windows / Mac / PS4 / XBox One games too. Let’s take a look.



Knee Deep

knee deep game

When a washed-up actor hangs himself on location, a spotlight is cast on the backwater Florida town of Cypress Knee. Your screen becomes a stage on which you investigate this mysterious suicide as three distinct characters: cheeky blogger Romana Teague, down-and-out local reporter Jack Bellet, and cynical private investigator K.C. Gaddis.
The series concludes March 8 when Act 3 opens on the backwater swamps of Florida. Our heroes must take a stand against the corruption and conspiracy of Cypress Knee and attempt to bring the machine to its knees.
Experience a magical reality where characters are transported among scenes, set pieces moved into place, and music wafts from the orchestra pit. Knee Deep is about characters, storytelling, and the melodrama of swampland Florida.

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Gone Home   

gone home

PLATFORM: Browser / PC
Gone Home is an interactive fiction game that takes place in first person perspective. The story is all about exploration and is set in a home in the Pacific Northwest in 1995. You play as Kaitlin. You can interact with objects using the mouse. As you move around the home you’ll need to piece together a story and examine the game world to find clues.

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The Walking Dead

the walking dead game

Platform: PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation 3

Tell Tale Games is one of the best independent game publishers out there. They createdSam & Max Save the World, Tales of Monkey Island, and Jurassic Park: The Game. And they also made the exceptional The Walking Dead game based on the TV series. It’s another Interactive story game, but it follows the story of The Walking Dead.

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My Candy Love

my candy love game

PLATFORM:  Android, Web browser, iOS

My Candy Love is a Japanese game that is part simulation, part visual novel. In My Candy Love you progress through a storyline, meeting various characters and choosing from a number of different choices. You’ll make decisions which will affect your relationships with other characters. As you play you’ll also earn Action Points that you can use to purchase items and explore the game’s world.

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Choice Of Games

choice of games

With brilliant storytelling and a sense of immersion that will match even the best of AAA titles, Choice of games are an absolute must for gamers wanting to get wrapped up in a rich narrative.

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Persona 4

persona 4

PLATFORM:  PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 2

Persona 4 is a role playing game by Atlus. It’s the fifth installment in the series. It’s set in a fictional Japanese countryside and stars a protagonist whom you can name yourself. The protagonist is a high school student who has just moved into the area. During his stay he gets involved with investigations into a series of mysterious murders. Take a look at the trailer.


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Katawa Shoujo
Since its released in 2012, Katawa Shoujo has grown to be one of the most popular visual novel games on the market. The success of Katawa Shoujo is partly due to the controversy surrounding the game. The name “Katawa Shoujo”  is Japanese for “Disability Girl”.If you’re willing to forgive the developer for that little slip-up, then you should definitely consider playing this game. Take a look at the video below.

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katawa shoujo


Heavy Rain

heavy rain

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Heavy Rain is an interactive drama and adventure. It’s a crime and thriller. Heavy Rain was a very original title for the time. It devliered an interactive story in a new and exciting way. Because of its inventive game design, Heavy Rain received positive reviews and became a highly popular game.

In Heavy Rain you play as four different characters. Your aim is to uncover the mystery surrounding a missing child called Shaun.

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Beyond Two Souls

beyond two souls

PLATFORM: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
Beyond Two Souls is all about story. An interactive drama with gameplay reminiscent of traditional action-adventure games, Beyond Two Souls has achieved a healthy fan following since being released in 2013. Made by video game developer Quantic Dreams, Beyond Two Souls stars Jodie (Ellen Page), who is one of two playable characters.

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