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About Child of Light: 

Child of Light is a platform RPG game by Ubisoft Montreal in which you play as a child who has been stolen from her home. MORE INFO.



Games like Child of Light by Genre and Themes

Platform: Child of Light’s gameplay is a combination of both RPG and Platform elements. If you love platform games and are looking for another, check out our list of the best platform games.

RPG: Other elements in Child of Light’s game design are based on the RPG genre, like the ability to level up your stats, while battles are similar to those in the Final Fantasy series. Check out our list of the best RPG games HERE.

Side Scrolling: Perhaps you love your games to have a side scrolling perspective. In that case check out our list of the best side scrolling games.

Story: Child of Light is also highly regarded for its amazing story. If you love your games to have gripping narratives, see our list of the best Story Games.

Finally, here’s our choices for the best alternative games similar to Child of Light…




My Personal Favorite Games like Child of Light



La Mulana


La Mulana is a 2D side scrolling platform adventure games with absolutely sublime gameplay. We reviewed it 5 out of 5.

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A Valley Without Wind 2 


A Valley Without Wind 2 carries the trait of all the best games: taking the best of various genres and blending them together seamlessly to create a new gaming experience. A Valley Without Wind 2 combines the best of old-school platform-shooter games with TBS games. You can choose where and how to explore the game world, how you want to upgrade your characters, their classes, the abilities you want to unlock and how you want to fight the enemies in your path. In A Valley Without Wind 2 you play as a mage whose aim is to share to power of immortality—which the evil Demonica has been using to spread tyranny through the land—and in doing so see an end to the evil. Though the idea of having immortality, which the game grants, might seem to kill any challenge, there’s actually a good deal of difficulty in A Valley Without Wind 2. You must lead your band of resistance to take back the land the overlord now resides over. To do so, you’ll have to recruit allies, build structures and unlock all manner of secrets. You’ll also be engaging in side-scrolling mission in order to reach the wind generators and […]

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Steamworld Dig


Robots. They’re the future, right? Surely the day will eventually come when we humans make robots so darned clever and powerful that they take over.  And when that happens, humanity’s going to be pretty screwed, just like they are in SteamWorld Dig, in which we’re all extinct. We’re so darned extinct that there’s no trace of us left. That’s why one robot’s setting out to dig into the planet to find the proof of our existence. And lucky for all of us, that robot’s journey is flipping exciting, so exciting that it could just be one of the best Nintendo 3DS games on the market. Rusty is an old mining robot. He’s gone and gotten himself the deeds to a Wild West mine and is intent on digging up tons of loot and giving it to Tumbleton on the planet’s surface. Poor old Tumbleton could use that loot. It’s a pretty wasted place. Only a few poor miserable robots live in Tumbelton now. The rest left long ago. But they’ll return, if only you can grab that loot and start developing the town. Sadly, the only thing that you’ve got to start dicking with is this crappy old pickaxe. But […]

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Escape Goat


Solid platform puzzle game starring a goat who’s trapped in a dangerous dungeon and must solve puzzles in order to escape.

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10 Second Ninja


2D action platformer 10 Second Ninja has been garnering a lot of press attention of late, partly due to its premise, partly due to its excellent game design. Created by Dan Pearce and featuring music by Tim Rurkowsi, 10 Second Ninja has you filling the shoes of a ninja killing Nazi robots whose leader, Robot Hitler, wants you dead. Basically it’s that dream I had the other week, but in video game form.

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Anrew Gleeson’s new game Melodisle casts you out at sea on a lonely island. You play as a little character who looks a lot like Fez. As this little guy, you’ll be running and jumping in typical platform-game style but, uniquely, you’ll also be engaging in some singing, hence the title “Melodisle.” That’s right, this is a music platformer in which you affect the environment by using your voice.

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Compelling 2D side scrolling game full of puzzles. Set in a dark and sinister world, Stained presents a captivating story and an oceanic depth of gameplay.

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Metroid is a classic and highly popular series of Nintendo games in which you play as Samus Aran as she journey’s through space. There have been tons of different games in the Metroid series, with many of them being critically acclaimed. The original Metroid games began as a cross between Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, merging the platform and puzzle genres. These were heavily improved upon when Metroid Prime was released for Gamecube.

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