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If you haven’t played Hay Day yet, check it out here: Play Hay Day. Man it’s a great game; so great that we’ve compiled this collection of great games like Hay Day (of which there are many). You can select games based on common themes or genres, or see our personal choices for the best games like Hay Day below.


Games like Hay Day by Themes and Genres

Strategy: You’ve played Hay Day (probably a lot, am I right?) So you know that it’s all about strategy. It’s one of the cuter / simpler strategy games which is highly approachable and easy to pick up and play. There are tons of similar games. If you love the strategy aspect of Hay Day, head over to our collection

of strategy games.

 Life: Unlike many strategy games (like Clash of Clans, for instance), Hay Day is a more down to Earth game. You play as a kid who is running a farm. The theme is down to Earth and realistic, not dissimilar to Harvest Moon in some ways (though not as good as Harvest Moon, which, after all, is a cult classic). There are many games with similar real life themes, you can find our choices of the best of them here: Life Games.

Social: Maybe you just like the social aspects of Hay Day and the fact that’s it’s tied into social sites. If that’s the case, we recommend our list

of Social Games.

And if that hasn’t got you fixed, then, well, you’re picky. But that’s okay, we’re picky too; so picky we picked this list of the very best games like Hay Day. Thank us later (or just share this page on Facebook and Twitter—it’s all good).

Games like Hay Day

games like hay day



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