Looking for some more great gsmes like Kairosoft? 

You’re in luck. As a fan of Kairosoft I’ve been on the hunt for some similar games. And I’ve found some really good ones.

But what games like Kairosoft should you play? Depends on your tastes.

If you’re a fan of Kairosoft you probably like PC and browser based strategy games with cute graphics. Games like Cafeteria Nipponica, Dream House Days, Dungeon Village, Epic Astro Story,  and Game Dev Story all feature cute and colourful graphics that look sort of like an old Commodore 64 game, for those who remember. And there are tons tons of similar games.

Adventure Capitalist is a game where you play as a guy running a business and have to make tons of money. It’s got the same type of cartoony-graphics that you see in lots of Kairosoft games. And it has excellent strategy gameplay. So definitely check that one out using the link at the start of this paragraph.


Kairosoft-style games are also hugely popular on Facebook. One Facebook game very similar to Kairsoft is Farmville.

In Farmville you have to run a farm and must complete farm-based activities so your farm can grow. There are tons of similar games all over Facebook. one of my personal favorites is the classic Petville (mostly because it has cats and I love them so much). You can find more games like Farmville using this link.

So that’s a good overall look at Kairosoft-type games. But what games should you play first? Let’s take a look.



My top picks for games like Kairosoft

In our selection of games like Kairosoft you’ll see games like Kairosoft across all platforms, from Android to ios to PC and some games that are free to play online without download, others that have to be purchased. So be sure to take a good look at the complete list.




Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is a series of video games that are all about running a successful zoo.The games are essentially business simulation games, like Theme Park and Theme Hospital, but this time around taking the theme of a zoo. So, if you love animals and business, you should love Zoo Tycoon.

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Tomodachi Life


Tomodachi Life is a fantastically bizarre game that falls somewhere between Animal Crossing and The Sims and incorporates otaku culture to create an unforgettably unique gaming experience.

At times, Tomogachi Life is downright hilarious, and at other times it’s completely flabbergasting (editor: “flabbergasting”? Heh.). You’re in charge of looking after a bunch of Miis, who need food and water and also like certain niceties and luxuries. They also love playing in minigames and letting you know what’s happening in their lives on their home island via a news desk.

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Tropico is a fairly unique game in the management and simulation genres, known for its humorous. This truly sets it apart from most other games in the genre. Simulation and management games tend to be serious, so by making the game funny Tropico sets itself apart.

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Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist is a game all about starting off as a nobody in the financial and business world and becoming one of the wealthy elite. You’ll start with nothing more than your lemonade stand, but as you play you’ll make important business decisions that will affect your business. Gradually you’ll work your way to the top.

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Football Manager


Football Manager is a management simulation game by Sega which began life way back in 1992 under the title Championship Manager. The games are designed to cover every aspect of being a manager of a football team. You’ll be engaged in the buying process, selecting the best prices for different players to gradually improve your team. You’ll also be responsible for the training of the players, making sure they are ready for their next match. When it comes time to actually play a match you’ll be responsible for choosing the best formation and the strategies that your team will employ.

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Settlers is a real time strategy and / simulation game in which you create and govern your own settlement. There have been many games in the Settlers series and the vast majority of them have been very popular. The game challenge you to build and govern a settlement in a medieval era.

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Little Inferno


Little Inferno isn’t a typical game. It’s really more of a physics simulation with a plot and some humour. It is a heck of a lot of fun though and you ‘ll find time flying by as you sit there burning things. It’s certainly not wasted time though as Little Inferno is immensely relaxing. It’s the sort of game that allows you to drift away from life, to escape in a dreamy state of mind. As such, it’s a perfect game to play when you’re tired of work and when you need to chill out.

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