Sony Computer Entertainment’s Legend of Dragoon was release for Playstation in 1999 and is still one of the best games with dragons today.  

Now available on PSN, Legend of Dragoon is one of the best dragon games

Despite mixed critical reception, Legend of Dragoon remains one of the best games for dragon lovers. The Legend of Dragoon has three playable modes: battle mode, field map and world map. The world map is like a series of dotted lines that let you journey between areas. The field map is used in town and dungeons; this is the map where you get to meet characters and see the (at the time) gorgeous graphics. Finally, the battle mode is a 3D area in which you fight enemies in turn based combat.

The dragons come into play through Dragoon Spirits, which allow characters to morph in their Dragoon. Dragoons are elemental (light, earth, fire, thunder, dark, divine, water and wind), these determine the abilities you have to fight with.

Legend of Dragoon is now available on PSN, so you no longer have to whip out your old PSX to play it 😀

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