These fan art posters are absolutely amazing. They prove that fans are often as talented as the actual artist themselves. Just look how amazing these fan art posters are.


This Fight Club Poster

Fight Club is one of the slickest and coolest movies of all time. It’s story is sublime. It’s Brad Pitt’s best role and one of Edward Norton’s best roles too. The scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton beats himself up in the office is one of the best scenes of all time. But the poster, while not bad, left room for improvement.

This Fight Club fan art poster is better than the original. The use of colour and tone, and the comic feel perfectly match the vibe of the movie. And you don’t have Brad Pitt holding up some weird pink card thing that actually looked more like a bar of soap. A definite improvement.

fight club


This Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Poster

Harry Potter. Love it. one of the best young adult fantasy books and movies of all time. We were all completely in love with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weesley. Both the books and the movies were absolutely sublime. And to be honest, most of the Harry Potter posters were great too. Except for Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince. That poster had Harry looking far too much like a member of one direction.

This fan art poster for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a lot better than the original. It’s weathered-paper feel creates a tactile impression that is very real. And the way Voldermort is framing Harry in the background creates a palpable sense of doom.

harry potter poster

The original Kill Bill poster was iconic. It had Uma Thurman in her yellow suit on a yellow background. The tri-tone yellow, black and blue was so intense it could burn your retina out. It was next to impossible not to look at that poster. The one thing missing from it was a bit of grunge to match the mood of the movie.

Step in this excellent Kill Bill fan-art poster. It’s got a similar color pattern to the original but with more of a stencil font, and it shows more of the characters (and lets face it, the Kill Bill characters are absolutely amazing).

I love the way this Kill Bill poster conjures the urban grit of the movie. Brilliant.



This Lord Of The Rings Fellowship of the Ring poster

The original Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring poster was very conventional. It showed all the main characters at the top with the Nazgul below. It was a good poster (I’ve got a copy at home). But it was conventional and not unique.

This minimalist fan-art Lord Of The Rings poster is absolutely stunning. It shows nothing but the symbol of the white tree of Gondor on a minimalist, stained background.

Because it is so minimal this poster really makes you think. Imagine walking past this poster at the cinema and not knowing what it was for. You would immediately want to find out more.

lord of the rings poster


This Metal Gear Solid:  Phantom Pain Poster

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain is one of the most epic action games of all time, and made by one of the coolest games designers on the planet: Hideo Kojima. But the poster didn’t match the flair of the game or of its designer.

Enter this epic Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain fan poster. It’s very similar to the feel of the original Metal Gear game (from 1987). The movement of the hair and the background create a great sense of movement, making the poster dynamic, and the faded paper look makes it feel like a pamphlet blowing in the wind. A very tactile poster. And so much better than the original.

metal fear solid phantom pain poster

This Pulp Fiction Poster

We will never forget the original poster with Uma Thurman on the cover. It’s iconic and brilliant. Could it possibly be any better? Maybe not. But this one fan poster definitely comes close. With a grainy texture and a comic feel that evokes the same feeling as the movie, this is definitely a masterpiece. Though I do wish Uma Thurman were looking at me like she were going to kill me.

pulp fiction fan poster  

This Resevoir Dogs Poster

Taking the name literally is this poster for Quentin Tarentino’s Resevoir Dogs. The angle of the bullet entering the body makes this poster look highly dynamic. And I love the sunlight breaking through the letters. The expression on both the man-dog and actual dogs create a visceral feeling that is perfect for the actual movie. One of the best fan art posters, period.

resevoir dogs


This Darth Vader, Return Of The Jedi Poster

It might take you a moment to work out which Star Wars film this poster is for. The answer is Return Of The Jedi, as evidenced by the incomplete Deathstar in the background.

What is so good about this poster? The use of colour creates a great sense of depth, and the body language on Darth Vader makes him look extremely powerful while also giving him a sense of gloom. The artistic splash of colour on the right is just a bonus.

star wars darth vader poster

This The Last Of Us Poster

The Last Of Us is one of the best in-game drama of all time. It’s story is absolutely sublime. And it is one of the most memorable gaming experiences of all time. And this poster is worthy of the material it promotes. Ellie looks absolutely destitute and the ravaged city background behind her creates a real sense of loneliness and isolation.


This Star Fox Poster

Ah. Star Fox. The game that immediately takes me back to the 1990s when I was a pudgy-faced teen spending three hours a day playing SNES games (damn good times, let me tell you). And one of my favorite games was Star Fox. Thanks largely to Peppy. That rabbit was a legend.

The original Star Fox poster was typically Nintendo-ey. It was very colourful and vibrant. Nothing wrong with that. But if you ask me, this fan-made Star Fox poster has a lot more soul to it. Take a look.

star fox poster



* All posters were found on Pinterest. If you own them and would like citation, please get in touch.

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