Counter Strike comes tenth in our list of the best games with guns. Its best weapon? The AWP, a lethal sniper rifle that will kill enemies in one hit. Now THAT’S “Overpowered”! XD  

Valve’s tactical third person shooter Counter Strike is one of the titles that defined the FPS genre and was originally created as a Half-Life mod. The first true Counter Strike game was released in 2000 for Windows and in 2003 for XBOX.

Since Counter Strike’s original release it’s seen numerous sequels: Condition Zero, Source and Global Offensive. In all the games you play as either a team of terrorist or a team of counter-terrorists and must either complete a mission or wipe out your enemy.

Best Weapon: The AWP is Couter Strike’s best weapon, an insanely overpowered sniper rifle that will kill an enemy in one hit, regardless of where it hits them. Combine it with the Desert Eagle for an insanely powerful soldier.



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