The Longest Journey’s April Ryan is a positive role model for female gamers

You could be forgiven for getting the wrong first impression of April Ryan. She is first seen in The Longest Journey in her pants, which naturally makes you wonder if she’s going to be another sex object. Fear no, however, as she soon becomes one of gaming’s best female protagonists.

April Ryan from The Longest Journey : the tenth best
female games character

An art student, April Ryan accidentally finds herself in a fantasy world called Arcadia. Despite being a typical point n click adventure game, April Ryan makes The Longest Journey epic thanks to her wit and intelligence. April Ryan is a strong and honourable female protagonist who has captured the heart of many female gamers.

The only problem with April Ryan is that in The Longest Journey’s sequel, Dreamfall, she becomes moody and sullen, losing her character and even renaming herself (urgggh.  .. ) Raven. . . . sigh.

Anyway, The Longest Journey is an excellent point and click adventure game April Ryan a very realistic and strong female protagonist.


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