Skyrim contains many dragons to be slain, including the hellacious Aluin. The epicness of the dragon fights, combined with the overall quality of the game makes Skyrim the absolute best dragon game of all time.  


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim: The Best Dragon Game Ever

The genius work of video game developer Bethesda Software, Skyrim is one of the best games of all time and (arguably) the best RPG ever (again, arguably, debate it in the comments section below).

Released in 2011 and available on PC, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360, Skrim tells the story of a player character who wants to slay Aluin, a Dragon who, according to prophecy, will destroy the world.

There are so many reasons why Skyrim is the best dragon game ever. To start with, it contains some of the best dragon designs of any game (the dragons are a lot more believable than in most titles). It’s also a visually beautiful game. Add to this an epic story, perfect gameplay and an extremely generous longevity, and you soon recognise the brilliance of Skyrim.

If you love dragon games and you haven’t played Skyrim yet, there are two things you need to do. The first is to slap some sense into yourself. The second is to pick up this game right NOW and start playing it. Trust me, you are going to love it.


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