1 Rayman Origins Sea of Serendipity | Best Water Levels

 Our choice for the best water level ever: Rayman Origins’ Sea of Serendipity.

So, what makes Rayman Origins’ Sea of Serendipity so good? Well, to start off with, Raymen origins is awesome, being like a wacky version of Super Mario World. It’s a truly colourful gaming experience; not only in the sense that it’s bright, but that’s its creative, unique and a whole lot of fun too.

The background in Rayman Origins’ really stand out of the screen, the animations of the characters are extremely smooth and expressive, and it’s got awesome level design.

Sea of Serendipity is like a culmination of all the best aspects of water levels. The swimming itself is extremely playable with great controls, you’re also able to stay still in place with pushing a button, meaning you can chill out a take a breather.

The level starts in a shanty town when you’re attacked by pirates and must escape through a sea cave. Here you get to see the beautiful marine life. You deeper you dive the darker it gets  until you reach pitch black. To be able to see and to avoid monsters you need to follow glowfish  until you reach an opening from where you get a view of the entire ocean.

With amazing music, beautiful graphics, and unique and masterful level design, Rayman Origins’ Sea of Serendipity is the best water level of any game ever.

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