With one of the most complex plots and some of the best character ever, Deus Ex has the best story in any video game.


There was a time when the AI in Deus Ex seemed out of this world, the gameplay sublime and the graphics stunning. Now, all these aspects look dated. The one element of Deus Ex to maintain its quality is the storytelling.

Deus Ex tells of a conspiracy, but it’s not the conspiracy itself that makes the game amazing, it’s the way the story unfolds. Because you slowly get to discover more and more of the truth of the conspiracy as you play the game, you constantly feel completely hooked to the narrative, unable to stop playing.

The way you discover about the story in Deus Exis through exploration, much like in Portal. Conversations and text fill you in on the details and it’s important that you converse with all the NPCs to know exactly what’s going on.

Because the story is told through exploration, narrative and gameplay are combined and run smoothly together–you’re constantly performing actions to discover the next part of the story.

No game in history has ever united storytelling and gameplay as smoothly as Deus Ex. For this, it finds its spot as the number one best story in any video game.


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